How do you watch Netflix with ARABIC subtitles?

arabic subtitles netflix
One of the best ways to learn Arabic is watching movies. How about watching Stranger Things with ARABIC subtitles? Unfortunately there are hardly any movies or TV series on Netflix which have Arabic audio.

How does it work?

There are two possibilities:

OPTION 1: If you are lucky, Netflix offers Arabic subs in your country. You can check if there is Arabic audio/subtitles available by klicking on this link:

OPTION 2: This always works not matter where you live. It is completely free and legal. You just need to use Chrome as a browser and follow these steps:

1. Download the extension Super Netflix from the Chrome Webstore:

Super Netflix
picture credit: screenshot chrome store

2. Go to Netflix. Now you should see some extra symbols on the right side of your screen.

3. You need to download the files for the subtitles now. They are available at

4. For example – search for: arabic stranger things. Hint: Always add arabic to your search string in order to find it quickly.

5. Download the file for the episode you want to watch.

6. Got to Netflixand  choose the TV series and episode you want to watch.

7. This is the most important step: Now klick on the first symbol (sign of a comment with three circles) on the right side of your screen.


It will open a window. Go to the folder where you downloaded the subtitle file and choose it.

8. That’s it.

For many (I’d say almost all popular TV series) there are ARABIC subtitles available on

  • Breaking Bad
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Stranger Things
  • Fargo
  • How to get away with murder

By the way – this also works for other languages such as Hebrew, Russian, or Mandarin Chinese.

Do you know any better justification for binge watching than saying that you are actually studying Arabic? 😉

Remark: There are other benefits if you install Super Netflix:

  • Change video bitrate (higher quality speed).
  • Skip intro automatically.
  • Five modes to change brightness, saturation, and contrast
  • Change Netflix streaming server (if streaming is slow)
  • Control volume with the mouse wheel.
  • Show streaming info

  1. Dear,

    Compliments for this fantastic website!

    I was curious if there are Arabic series available, which offer Arabic subtitles with it. For example, my favorite show is سجن النساء, yet understanding every word as a Dutch native is hard! I reckoned that hearing and reading the text would help a lot in my progress. Any idea?


    1. I doubt you’ll find that, as almost all Arabic productions don’t care for the subtitles, and also, the production is usually in a local dialect, not the standard Arabic (fus’ha)…

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