How can you add Arabic subtitles to Netflix?

You are lucky: Netflix offers it

If you are lucky, Netflix offers Arabic subs in your country. You can check if there is Arabic audio/subtitles available by clicking on this link:

There is a work-around: Use a google chrome extension

This always works not matter where you live. It is completely free and legal.

You need to use Chrome as a browser and follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the extension Super Netflix from the Chrome Webstore

Click HERE to download it for free!

Super Netflix
picture credit: screenshot chrome store

Step 2: Go to Netflix

Now you should see some extra symbols on the right side of your screen.

Step 3: You need to download the files for the subtitles

They are available at

For example – search for: arabic stranger things. Hint: Always add arabic to your search string in order to find it quickly.

–> Download the file for the episode you want to watch.

Step 4: Got to Netflix and choose the TV series and episode you want to watch

Step 5: Now click on the first symbol (sign of a comment with three circles) on the right side of your screen


This will open a window. Go to the folder where you downloaded the subtitle file and choose it.

Step 6: That’s it – enjoy watching with Arabic

arabic subtitles netflix
Great extension: you can easily insert arabic subtitles to any netflix series.

For many (I’d say almost all popular TV series) there are ARABIC subtitles available on

  • Breaking Bad
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Stranger Things
  • Fargo
  • How to get away with murder

By the way – this also works for other languages such as Hebrew, Russian, or Mandarin Chinese.

Do you know any better justification for binge watching than saying that you are actually studying Arabic? 😉

Remark There are other benefits if you install Super Netflix:
  • Change video bitrate (higher quality speed).
  • Skip intro automatically.
  • Five modes to change brightness, saturation, and contrast
  • Change Netflix streaming server (if streaming is slow)
  • Control volume with the mouse wheel.
  • Show streaming info

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Last updated: Nov 1, 2019 @ 23:53

  1. Dear,

    Compliments for this fantastic website!

    I was curious if there are Arabic series available, which offer Arabic subtitles with it. For example, my favorite show is سجن النساء, yet understanding every word as a Dutch native is hard! I reckoned that hearing and reading the text would help a lot in my progress. Any idea?


    1. I doubt you’ll find that, as almost all Arabic productions don’t care for the subtitles, and also, the production is usually in a local dialect, not the standard Arabic (fus’ha)…

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