I have started a new project: arabicnear.me

I have always been annoyed about how difficult it can be to find an Arabic course, an Arabic school (for adults or children) or a private teacher (skype teaching or home lessons).

Now, there is hope: arabicnear.me

The problem of finding Arabic lessons

Google only helps to a limited extent.

Only the very big schools are usually listed somewhere. Furthermore, it was always difficult to find out more information about the price/tuition, accommodation, how to contact the center, visa regulations, teaching material, extra courses, etc.

ARABIC NEAR ME will fix that: https://arabicnear.me

Arabic near me
arabicnear.me – a website to search for Arabic courses and teachers – worldwide.

What is arabicnear.me?

arabicnear.me aims to become the most comprehensive directory for Arabic lessons around the globe.

People who want to learn Arabic can search for courses and teachers on the website – by location, teaching material (which books are used), which dialects are taught, by price, etc.

Does it cost money?

No. The website is completely free of charge.

I am an Arabic student or teacher. How can I help?

I consider Arabic learners as a community. We all want to learn and master this beautiful language and make it accessible to other people.

Therefore, I would be very grateful if you could have a look at arabicnear.me and add a place or teacher if you know one – or if you are one!

You are a student

  • If you have taken a course at an Arabic institute or know a good teacher – could you please add the school/teacher (menu: add an entry)?
  • If the school is already registered – it would be great if you could write a short review about the school/teacher. Honest, personal reviews are probably the best help for students looking for Arabic lessons.

You are a private teacher or work at a center

If you teach Arabic or run an Arabic school – I would be very happy if you could add your offer (menu: add an entry). Not all Arabic teachers have a personal website. I would like to give them a place on arabicnear.me

If you notice any mistakes or have suggestions (perhaps you miss certain fields, etc.), I would be very happy to hear from you.


Any thoughts or ideas about this? Leave a reply!

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