Most of the ideas and questions for this blog are taken from Gerald Drißner’s book:

Arabic for Nerds – 270 Questions on Arabic Grammar


Reading about Arabic grammar is usually as thrilling as reading telephone directories. The author uses a new approach: He compiled 270 interesting questions drawing from his years of studies in the Arab world to create a colourful journey into Arabic grammar. However, if you want to reach an advanced level, it is not about learning vocabulary lists – it is about understanding the fascinating core of Arabic. This is what Arabic for Nerds is all about. It is specifically intended for INTERMEDIATE learners.

Fully revised 1st edition – with index
October 2015, 462 pages

19.99 Euro / 19.99 US-Dollars / £ 15.99
ISBN-13 (softcover edition): 978-1517538385
ISBN-13 (hardcover edition – distribution also to libraries and book sellers): 978-3981984828

 Available at  amazon.


And there is another source and inspiration for this blog:

Islam for Nerds – 500 Questions and Answers


Islamic history and anecdotes are part of everyday conversation in the Arab world. This book provides a fascinating journey into one of the biggest and probably most misinterpreted religions via anecdotes and facts about Islam and its history, the Qur’an, the prophet Muhammad and his traditions, the Dos and Don’ts for Muslims, and how Islam spread around the world, summarised in 500 ques­tions and answers, which the author has derived from his own experiences.

The author has lived in North Africa and the Middle East for ten years and immersed himself in Islamic culture and society. He gradually learned the things kids in the Arab world already know, but most people in other parts of the world never heard of, by talk­ing to his neighbours, teachers, scholars and ordinary people in the street.

This book explains Islam in its complexity. The author also addresses current topics: Islam in the West, women’s issues and Jihad.

It can be read without knowing Arabic. However, the author provides the fully vocalised Arabic source in addition to the English translation, which may be beneficial for Arabic speaking readers.

Fully revised 1st edition – with index
November 2016, 752 pages

22.99 Euro / 24.99 US-Dollars / £ 18.99
ISBN-13 (softcover edition): 978-1530860180
ISBN-13 (hardcover edition – distribution also to libraries and book sellers): 978-3981984835

ISBN (e-book edition for kindle): B075Y43QGX

 Available at  amazon.

You can get the e-book version of ISLAM for NERDS for € 9.99. Available on amazon.

Remark: Please check if your device can handle Arabic script. Otherwise you might experience some display issues. The main text, however, is in English anyway.