The Arabic verb: “to behave like Adolf Hitler”

Have you ever had a look at the root ه–ت–ل–ر in Hans Wehr’s dictionary? You will be surprised to find the following information: تَهَتْلَرَ “tahatlara” to behave like Adolf Hitler. To imitate Adolf Hitler. In the present tense, it is: يَتَهَتْلَرُ‏‎ (“yatahatlaru”). To be honest, I never came across this[…]

بَيْتًا or بَيْتاً? – Where do you add the two lines (تَنْوِين) at the end?

Some readers have asked me about the correct writing of the تَنْوِين at the end of a word. I wrote about that in my book and discussed it in one of my previous newsletters. I don’t mind dealing with the topic again. So… What is correct: بَيْتًا or بَيْتاً ? Let’s have a look at[…]