What is a Kafir?

The Arabic term Kāfir (كافِر) is probably the most controversial and dan­gerous word in Islam. It is the op­posite of believer – in Arabic: Mu’min (مُؤْمِن). A sura (109) is even named The Disbelievers – in Arabic: al-Kāfirūn (سُورة الْكافِرُون). The so-called “disbelievers” are the enemies of the Muslims and[…]

Which (Gregorian) year is 1435 Hijri?

The name هِجْرة (hijrah) describes the migration of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina in June 622 CE. This also marks the beginning of the Islamic or (lunar) Hijri-calendar, so called التَّقْوِيم الهِجْرِيّ الْقَمَرِيّ The Muslim calendar is a lunar calendar and doesn’t follow a sol­ar[…]