What is a “logical subject”?

Last week, Katarzyna sent me the following question: “I always had a problem with the form “العديد من”. For example, when I have a sentence: Many devices support program Windows. So is the subject of this sentence: “Many” or “devices“, and should the sentence be: 1:  …يدعم العديد من الأجهزة برنامج or 2: …[…]

How do you say “me”?

In other words: What is the مَنْصُوب-form of أَنا – “me”? It is the word إِيّايَ It is very rare to come across مَنصُوب and مَجْرُور-forms of per­sonal pronouns, but you might find it in literature, in expres­sions like: without me.   pronoun explanation   مَنْصُوب I Notice the فَتْحة[…]