How do you write Allah in a nice way?

Muslims call the word Allah the “grand word”. It is often written in a certain way, i.e., with the dagger Aleph (الألف الخنجرِية) – the vertical dash on top of the second letter ل . This sign kind of a trademark of the word Allah I would say. How do you produce that?

Which Arabic font do you use for Microsoft Word?

Many people use the standard fonts that come with MS Windows or MacOS when they want to type in Arabic. Since many people do not really change the standard fonts in MS Word, they will end up using Times New Roman or Arial. Although they mostly do the job, sometimes they are difficult to read. Are you tired of these fonts? There is an easy way out.

What is the correct form of “My Mustafas” in Arabic?

Today I want to make a quiz: What is the correct form of “My Mustafas” in Arabic? I admit that you usually won’t use this expression (“My Mustafas”), but nevertheless, the construction is pretty challenging. If you know the correct answer, you have definitely understood the concept of weak letters in Arabic, i.e, the tricky letters و and ي and Aleph.