20 questions for: Badrul Aini Sha’ari (#2)

Badrul Aini Shari

Lisān al-‘Aarab (لسان العرب), the famous dictionary of Classical Arabic, contains 9273 roots (and 4,493.934 words). A huge playground for people who are passionate about Arabic such as…

Badrul Aini Sha’ari

بدرالعيني شعاري

 The man who brings Arabic to South-East Asia 

Tired of not understanding Al-Jazeera? There is a great tool!

The first frustrating experience of many Arabic students is usually the moment when the teacher turns Al-Jazeera or Al-Arabiya on.

Most of the time, teachers have to pause after each sentence and ask which words were actually understood. But there is hope –  an audio option on al-Jazeera .